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I cover the ways politics, culture, economics, society, policy, technology, biology, epidemiology, and medicine interact and feedback on each other to create the world we’re living in. Most importantly, I write about what we can do to create the world we deserve. 

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Who is Abdul?

Abdul El-Sayed trained as a physician and epidemiologist. He has labored as a professor, public official, politician, author, and public commentator. He is the author of “Healing Politics” and “Medicare for All.” And hosts the weekly podcast, “America Dissected,” which explores the space where health and society intersect. He’s a contributing editor at The New Republic and a contributor at CNN and teaches public policy at the University of Michigan’s Ford School, as well as American University. He’s a proud union member — and a prouder Baba and spouse.

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Trained as a physician & epidemiologist. Former city health director & recovering politician. I write The Incision, a newsletter that cuts into the political, economic, social, & scientific trends shaping our moment.