Our digitally intermediated conversations keep sorting us into extremes — and driving our polarization.
Friday Q+A: 2022It’s a new year—even though it feels a lot like the last one. What’s got you excited, anxious, or just plain stumped about 2022?
The rightwing information war machine is carrying on the work of the Jan. 6 insurrection with their lies. Don’t do their work for them.
And what it means for 2022.
Friday Q+A: The Democratic PartyIt’s been rather en vogue among has-been Democratic consultants to blame the Democratic party’s impending demise at the polls in ‘22 on Progress…
For too long, we’ve failed to show how climate change hurts this part of the country. It might be why so few people there see it as a threat.
How come the economy doesn’t feel as good as the metrics say it is? Because the metrics are out of date and out of touch.
Friday Q+A: Why don't we care about our country's footprint abroad?Between the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, Russia amassing its troops on the Ukraine border, and the ongoing rise of authoritarians…
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