Friday Q&A 📨

Abdul answers your questions.

Friday Q&A: Apparently 2024 Started Already. The era where politicians gave us through the holidays before they started the next cycle is apparently over. Donald Trump announced his campaig…
Friday Q&A: How about them midterms...Well, that’s not what ANY of us expected—thankfully. Emerging from the midterms it’s clear that Americans came out to defend two things: 1) repr…
Friday Q&A: What's on your mind?Lots to talk about. A “tripledemic” knocking at our door. Another interest rate hike. And of course the midterms. What questions do you have?
Friday Q&A: The MidtermsWe’re less than two weeks out from the midterms. What races are you watching? What are your hopes (and fears) heading into election day? What do…
Friday Q&A: What are you looking forward to?One of the consequences of the ubiquity of information is that it pulls us out of our own lives—the things that we enjoy and look forward to. Am…
Friday Q&A: Your questions?From Jan 6th Hearings to midterms heating up to inflation not cooling down: we’ve got a lot to talk about. What’s on your mind?
Friday Q&A: The Supreme Court is Back.The Supreme Court is back in session, with critical cases on voting rights, state power, affirmative action, LGBTQ+ rights, and even a theory th…
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