Most American media reports are focused on a few weeks in July and August in 2021. The evacuation from the Kabul airport, the attempts to get out and to find security is news worthy. This coverage is 2 weeks of a 20 year siege by the biggest military in the world, in the poorest country in the world.

If you put all your hopes in hammers, everything looks like a nail that needs pounding. But in actuality the nail is a human life that breathes and thinks and dreams; like you and me.

Why not ask the questions of those who got us into this tragedy in Afghanistan, to start with. Who benefited and how? What was the intention at the start, and what people who lived and worked there, actually saw happening, on the ground. What is the history of Afghanistan?

There were many times the US could have left in 20 years, why didn't they?

I enjoyed the comments of former Marine, Lucas Kunce, who wrote an op-ed for the WA Post in late August and did an interview on an American news network. He not only answers the question of who benefitted from the troughs of corruption, but describes why so many Afghans in the regional rural locations, which is most of the country; chose the folks they knew with the guns, rather than the invaders with guns.

He also spoke about coming home to Missouri to the horrific conditions on the ground there. Money could have been spent on crumbling human and capital infrastructure in Missouri, but that doesn't look like a nail.

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It hurts to have to say this, but mainstream media is owned by wealthy corporations. They're all about profit and war is good for business. The media outlets don't have to be owned outright by Raytheon, Lockheed Martin etc etc but the wealthy media owners both do business with those bums and run in the same social circles as them. They all benefit from war and that's despicable.

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Sad, sad, sad!!

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We could have pulled out like Trump intended. If you don’t know what that would have looked like just go back and view America’s withdrawal from Syria. I don’t remember 90,000 + evacuations. This time America is trying to keep promises made to those who helped us. That’s a very messy situation, especially since Trumps administration did all they could to hold up the processing of visas. Heard 1 person telling how he had been waiting 6 years for his valid visa to be processed. Trumps administration would have pulled out without anyone who had worked with us in this war. Just like they did in Syria. It’s no wonder America has such a bad name in this world. God Bless our military who are there putting their lives in jeopardy to save those who put their lives on the line for our troops.

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