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As usual, Dr. El-Sayed has answered a seemingly simple but devilishly complex question: "Why do people do evil things?" with clear, concise answers. YES, racism, misogyny and easy access to guns are indisputable reasons. I would like to add one additional factor that I think played a role in the killings of the Asian spa workers. I believe that this factor gives broad context to help us understand motivation. That factor is a fundamental, rigid religious indoctrination. The killer, Robert Aron Long was raised to believe that any sexual interaction with anyone other than your opposite sex married spouse is evil, a sin punishable by eternal hell fire. He expressed that he had a sexual addiction and needed to kill the cause of that addiction, the spa workers. Consideration of this factor also provides some understanding of why so many evangelical Christians support Trump a man who cheats on his wife, abuses women, lies and cheats. Consider the similarities between Trump rallies and fundamental Christian revival services. A charismatic preacher/politician loudly proclaims his/her truth while pounding the pulpit/podium while flailing arms, flushing face and crowd enthusiasm call for more. To be a part of the frenzy you have only to believe, to affirm your loyalty. I am not trying to minimize the beneficial aspects of religion but rather I am trying to understand what promotes rigid beliefs that can produce disastrous consequences. I refer to a recent article in the New York Times, The Roots of the Atlanta Shootings by May Jeong printed on 20 March. The old hymn tells us to trust and obey for there's no other way. Emotional answers to complex problems often blocks reasoned ones.

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Well said!

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I was so disgusted by Bill Maher this week. He has become an apologist for aggrieved racists who say their actions aren’t racially motivated. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Of course targeting Asian spas and women is racist and misogynistic and saying the person had a bad day dehumanizes his victims. My bad days end with ice cream and maybe a good rant or two. They have never ended with killing strangers with a gun bought the morning of. That’s a pre-meditated bad day — for the victims. I think it was a good day for him. When can we stop trying to understand white supremacist and white male violence and see it for the evil that it is?

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