Texas, Life Expectancy, & Mitch McConnell: Friday Live Q+A Thread!

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Here’s what’s on my mind today, Friday February 19th, 2021:

  • Life expectancy dropped by an average of a full year for the first half of 2020—that was THREE years among Black Americans and TWO years among Latinx Americans. We keep talking about “learning” from COVID-19—and at the same time going back to “normal.” When do we learn that “normal” is what got us here?

  • It appears that Mitch McConnell has learned a lot from Donald Trump—specifically that inconsistency doesn’t really get punished in the court of public opinion. It’s why he could, with a straight face, vote to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial and then turn around and lambast him for inciting an insurrection. His excuses about constitutionality of impeaching an ex-President are a canard and he knows it—he’s the one who delayed the impeachment trial! Part of this is shamelessness—but part of it is gaming the media coverage. How should we think about the way that politicians play the media in this post-Trump era to prevent this kind of shameless both-waysism?

  • Texas decided that it was going to secede its electric grid from the rest of the union’s. And now it’s paying the price. What does Texas teach us about climate change, public goods, and mutuality in these times?

I want to know what’s on YOUR mind. Post your questions, thoughts, comments, or reflections. I’ll be here live from 12-1 EST!

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