Biden still has the ear of many people across the political spectrum. He showed Courage ending the US war in Afghanistan, a fiasco where many were maimed and killed. Enough of the corruption.

He and the substantial expertise around him has the capacity to Define what it means to be the President in this place,i n this moment.

Pass the 2 infrastructure bills as quickly as possible. Make people vote on thes, and then show us how the elcted representatives in Congress, actually voted. Not what they said, what they DID. Their action provides insight into the 2022 election.


If CA Senator Dianne Feinstein resigned today, it would help Biden immensely.

This resignation would allow the current (D)Governor to appoint a successor and maintain the existing 50/50 party split in the Senate. If Governor Gavin Newsom looses the upcoming recount election, someone with no public policy experience will be asked to: 1.) determine the next Senator from California!

California is a Huge entity of 40M people, making it equal to the 5th largest country in the world. This is the bread basket of the USA experiencing its most horrific wildfires. CA needs experienced leadership to fend off the fires, manage the lack of water, and to create public policy for the US, as it always has.

The ballot for Newsom's recall election looks like it came out of Fl or TX, not California.


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I actually grow more confident in Biden as time goes on. The retreat from Afghanistan was very dicey, but rest of the picture is good. Afghanistan was a hard nut to crack. I'm happy we're out now.

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