Jun 10, 2021Liked by Abdul El-Sayed

I think it’s also important to note that we still know so little and opening up like this is reckless and leaves the most vulnerable population still incredibly at risk. No studies were done on the protection given by the vaccine to those who are immunocompromised or have autoimmune diseases, but we do know they may have reduced protection, or even none at all, though fully vaccinated. Of course that’s not being addressed. I have to wade through maskless people, and I’m sorry, but no, I trust no one. The people who refuse vaccines are the ones refusing to wear masks in the first place so the logic used with the “personal responsibility” push was not just reckless, but knowingly putting people in danger...yes, the cdc is knowingly putting vulnerable people at risk to appease republicans. And I don’t think that’s being spoken about enough. I wept wondering how I can trust my prescriptions when no one in the pharmacy, including the pharmacists (we know many of them are Covid deniers) is wearing a mask? I’m so at risk and have been quarantined for well over a year, and I’m told to suck it up and deal with people part of the sacrificial group, or never leave my home again. It’s not surprising in this cruel nation, but it wish people cared at all.

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