It is well past due that the filibuster is done away with regardless of the Republicans. However, in the context of achieving the identified policies, it is absolutely necessary because I am not sure that the Democrats, especially in the Senate can hang together for all of those items like they managed to do for the single best piece of legislation for addressing economic inequality and redistribution since Lyndon Johnson in the sixties.

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Mar 11, 2021Liked by Abdul El-Sayed

When I first began reading, I was thinking, “But hold on, if the filibuster is taken away what about...?”

As I continued, you answer every one of my concerns! This is perfectly stated. The actual majority of Americans approve of the principles of left-leaning governance and policy, however this majority approval will never be reflected in our elected officials until the barriers that limit Americans, specifically Americans of color and those of a depressed socioeconomic status, are afforded the ability to vote without restriction, as well as the clear knowledge that government CAN and WANT TO work for them. When this happens, and I sincerely know it can, I truly think if we were to take a quick glance at our government officials they would look much different: more diverse, younger, and they’d appear to care about the experience of the common American rather than only those that look like them and share the same economic and social privilege.

Thanks for another thoughtful, comprehensive, essay that is reflective of the truth and the experience of everyday people, that is based on the foundational principle of the truth, rather than the slanted opinion of a minority of Americans who’ve slowly become indoctrinated against logic and the power of knowledge.

-Norm Gajowiak

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I really want to see this stupid procedure go away, particularly as we try to navigate healthcare. The for-profit system is quickly failing us all.


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