Their grievance and denial is not about democracy and voting- they believe in both.. but only to the extent as to WHO gets to participate in democracy and voting. An election is only legitimate if they win... and only legitimate if the "right people" voted.

Remember that most of the attacks on voting by Trumpers who were questioning the voting in places like Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia- with large minorities populations.

The evolution and progress of enfranchisement is under attack

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They might try a Somalia type governance - warlords and theocrats. But they probably would only support a so called democracy if they were guaranteed to come out on top every time, like a Putin style "democracy" with rigged elections. What's ironic is that Dems have been making progress albeit slowly in spite of Republican recalcitrance. That so many people have been convinced to repeatedly vote against their own interests is a tribute to the Republican lying and scare machine. DeSantis rails against big government until his state is devastated by climate chaos infused storm(s) - there are more to come - then he turns for help from the American taxpayer. Do the MAGAs see that? Their elderly folks, some of whom don't have much of an income, survive on Social Security and Medicare. Do the MAGAs see that? They travel to DC to attack the seat of government on federally paid for interstate roads and bridges, or on planes that take off and land on gov. subsidized airports. Do the MAGAs see that? We need to do better in informing people of all of the "hidden" benefits of government. And we need to help people develop the ability to think more complexly than in the absolutist way most seem to use.

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