A Republican controlled House will highlight a fractious party previously united only by its blinding opposition to Biden and Democratic initiatives. The Party is comprised of uncompromising cadries of MAGAs and traditional power elites, anti-taxers and anti-vaccers, guntoters and anti-evolutionists, radical Christians and racial supremacists, free-trade Capitalists and isolationists, anti-immigration nativests and wealthy corporatists, military dominators and Tea-Party anarchists. It will reveal a top-down autocracy managed by corporate lobbyists and dark money wherein individual representatives have little authority if they want to get reelected. With a focus on irrelevant investigations, the Republican Party will show itself to be incapable of legislating or of even producing a coherent plan for the future.

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Good essay.

Finding a suitable Speaker is important internationally, too. I cannot imagine McCarthy, Gaetz, Green, e.g. speaking with a Chinese or Russian counterpart, to advance diplomacy.


Considering the long term implications of supporting a non-MAGA R for Speaker is an interesting move to game out.

Katie Porter of the CA house told her constituents during the elections that the best is yet to come Regarding the big legislation that the D passed in Congress;she said she and other policy pros. need to take that to your City or County.


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My broad conclusion is that democracy can work. I believe that most voters understood the threat from governance imposed and government chosen. I also think that the loss of individual freedom by women who lost control over their own bodies and lives lived was a major factor. Bigotry, racism and hate were diminished. Now we realize the threat from a minority, especially those with wealth and influence. As we said in the 60s, All Power to the People! United we live!

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Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.”― Albert Camus

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I think it's obvious that Democratic Party persons and parties can be demonized, but if issues can be put on state ballots people even in "deep red" states will vote for it. In areas where democrats can't get elected (even in "safe" areas, too) there needs to be a humongous push to get issues on ballots. That means signatures that can be hard to get in many states.

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