The article about PBMs clearly describes how this complicated system functions, or shall I say dysfunctions. It is insidious and hidden. And frightening. We should all be alarmed as this is the way privatization schemes work and how they remain so far behind the scenes they are invisible to us. It works to their advantage when we don't really know who the enemy is.

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Thanks for pointing me to Julia Moskin’s NYT article on Blank Street Coffee. A cup of coffee used to be the most mundane thing in the world; now, a peek beneath the foam reveals all the issues of corporate capitalism vs. a humane and sustainable world boiling up.

In another troubled year, 1931, the world was introduced to the idea that

“Life is just a bowl of cherries

Don't take it serious

Life's too mysterious”

Now, we’re told that life is just a cup of coffee; and mysterious or not, we’ve just got to take it serious.

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