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Tribal Sovereignty, Big Oil, & Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta with Mary Kathryn Nagle

The Playwright, Attorney, and Member of Cherokee Nation Joins Abdul to Explain the Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

Amidst all the devastation that the Supreme Court has wrought on American society through the cases on abortion, guns, and the administrative state, I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss a critical case about Native Americans rights and sovereignty. In the case Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta, the Supreme Court took a hatchet to tribal sovereignty—but there’s an even more brutal twist. The case was driven by Big Oil that has been chomping at the bit to get drilling rights on Native American land. 

I spoke with attorney, activist, and Cherokee resident Mary Kathryn Nagle about the case, it’s implications, and the Big Oil plot behind it. 


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