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Putting the US-China Relationship in Context

Abdul sits down with Professor Scott Moore, Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and author of China's Next Act.

There is no issue that frames foreign policy quite like the United States-China relationship. Consider the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, not even the nation’s President or Vice President, visited Taiwan last week, igniting an international kerfuffle. All of this highlights the potential dangers in the contentious US-China relationship. Dangers over human rights, dangers over economic and political influencer, dangers over all out conflict. And yet, any relationship so pregnant with danger also has the potential for opportunity. 

In order to understand that opportunity, I sat town with a longtime friend and colleague of mine, Professor Scott Moore. Professor Moore directs China Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania. He and I first met while classmates together at Oxford. Scott’s new book, China’s Next Act, considers both the opportunities and challenges implicit in the US-China Relationship. We sat down to discuss that relationship in the past and in the future. 


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