The Friday Incision: Live Q+A Thread!

The Friday Incision is exclusive to Full Subscribers. But this month alone, we’re opening it up! I hope you’ll participate in our live discussion board on the stories of the day. Leave comments below, or come back at 12 when I’ll be jumping in. I hope you’ll join our community to keep receiving the Friday Incision!

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday:

  • House impeachment managers rested their case yesterday in Trump’s impeachment trial. It was forceful, gut-wrenching, and incisive. But will it actually move Senate Republicans (many of whom were in on it from the jump)?

  • America needs a functional conservative party. As much as I’m likely to disagree with them on most things, at least we might be able to agree on democracy itself—because this version doesn’t even believe in that. What is the GOP’s path to sanity? Does it have one? What sacred cows will it have to sacrifice—racism, anti-science, climate denialism (hey, a brown Muslim scientist can dream right?)?

  • COVID-19 cases continue to plummet—and governors are opening back up. But more transmissible and potentially deadly variants are spreading quickly. How should policymakers be handling this moment in the pandemic?

Post your thoughts now or later. I’ll be here live from 12-1 EST to jump in!