Completely agree! The fact that Israel continues to attempt to steal more land that has been occupied by Palestinian families for generations disgusts me. The courts are in B.N.’s back pocket and are just as culpable as B.N. for ruling that this property is owned by Israel.

As a human being, and self-proclaimed “world citizen,” I do believe that all people have a right to live in peaceful and safe conditions, including the Jewish people. However, the current state of Israel will never be satisfied as long as the Palestinian people are living there, and any attempt a two-state solution will be worth nothing as long as the Conservative party remains in control, and Palestinian people are completely left out of governance.

Sadly, American people have been brainwashed into believing that anything that Israel does is “just fine” because they are the so-called “top ally” in the region (but more likely because they ARE NOT Muslim) I only wish people did their homework. I don’t understand how American Christians (I am one) can stand for the unchristian acts of war and atrocities that the Israeli government commits against the peaceful Palestinian people yet continue to declare their own Christian “values.”

Being born and raised in a multiethnic community (Hamtramck, MI) has taught me some extremely valuable lessons. The most important of these lessons was/is coexistence. I’ve played football in the streets alongside Muslim men, Jewish men, African-Americans and many different cultures. We all got along very well, broke bread together, and lived as a single community of brethren. It is possible, however it cannot be possible in Israel as long as the current government holds onto power by a shoestring.

Thanks for addressing this.


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Abdul, one of your most salient posts to date I think and I suspect not a popular view here in the USA but probably acceptable to your subscribers. In any case, you say possible war crimes; I say probable war crimes. More importantly, as you underscore is the longevity of the occupation and of unequal societies in violation of fundamental human rights and international humanitarian law.

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What does it mean to have a "client" relationship? It means that you tell the client what you want and when. If.the client does not deliver it up to your expectations, you can choose another client.

Why is the US so afraid of Israel? Is the US "the client" of Israel? It sure looks like that when you see the Biden Adminstration's response to the ongoing attacks and physical destruction.

What if the US made our support contingent upon how the $ is spent, Conditional Support.

The current course is only fueling the 50 year Occupation.

Social Media documents Groups of Israeli nationalists have taken to the streets in Israel. Yesterday they pulled a man from his car and beat him to the inch of his life on the street, they thought he was an Arab. He is Jewish.

We are seeing something similiar to the cruel death of African Americans, in the US. We are watching videos of vigilanti mobs, as well as state funded police, kill and dismember.

Am I not an Arab? A Jew?

Why are we sending billions year in and year out as they dismantle the cradle of civilization. Yes, I learned that this area from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River is the cradle of Western Civilization. I learned that in Catholic Schools in Detroit.

I ask this sincerely.

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TY for a very clear description of recent events.

The American Secretary of State went on camera yesterday, and mentioned Israel as the victim, more than once. He made it look like the US is Israel's client. Objectively, Israel is now killing civilians in their beds in Palestine, killing people praying, maming children. Why?

The US government must show strength and demand more for the $3.5 billion, in your tax dollars, that fund this effort every year. Is this what we seek? Why are we sending all this $ to Israel every year?

This view of the world where a person and/or their government is the victim, and victimhood is beyond their control, is common in today's zeitgeist. We see it among corrupt dictator's those who use violence all over the world, then say it is for the greater good.

We see it in the American conversation, where the roles are limited to the victim and victimizer. The impact of this victim/victimization paradigm is a lack of responsibility for one's actions.

A successful American Jew visited Israel and came back in tears. She said, ""I had no idea!"

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Times are changing. I live in a diverse county in WA state where many people celebrate Ramadan and Cinco de Mayo. This is who we are.

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Since writing, I did some research. I learned that Israel has 2 elected leaders, President (ceremonial mostly) and Prime Minister (CEO). The current PM is not elected, but acting PM; Netanyahu lost the last 4 elections for PM, he has 3 indictments on corruption charges pending.

Israeli President Rivlin, waited to see if the PM could form a coalition government in the Kenesset, after his loss in the previous election, he won 30 seats. When that was not achieved by former PM, Bibi Netanyahu; President Rivlin announced that another politician in the legislative Knesset had 1 week to form a coalition government, based on Israeli law.

The attack on worshipers at the Mosque in Jerusalem who were praying together came on day 5 of the attempt to form a coalition government by a rival of the PM. The acting PM had 2 days left, before he lost his power.

The Bush presidencies showed us how to, tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, to pump up the rush to war. The loss of Palestinian mothers, children, and the International news orgs that tell us what is happening on the ground are being bombed as I write this.

Meanwhile the United Nations Security Council has advanced a proposal for a ceasefire 3x in the last 2 weeks. One country in the world has opposed it each time, the USA.

Let your elected officials know that the whole world is crying. Palestinians live all over the world.

Ironically it sounds like the tale we are living out here. Where the outcome of the last Presidential election is under siege, too.


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