Friday Q/A: Corporations and capitalismThis week, I released my very first YouTube video on the way that corporate capitalism has consolidated the market for baby formula, and how tha…
But the waters are getting choppier.
Unlike Critical Race Theory, “Great Replacement Theory” is deadly.
The Consequences of the War on Terror with Spencer AckermanWatch now (52 min) | Abdul interviews the author of "Reigh of Terror: How the 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Produced Trump."
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Friday Q/A: What if the GOP were serious about governing?I’m writing you from our nation’s capital, where yesterday I testified before the Senate Budget Committee. Most of the GOP’s engagement was repe…
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My commencement speech to graduates at Lawrence Tech University last Saturday.
Today's Union Movement with Sarita GuptaWatch now (42 min) | Abdul sits down with author of "The Future We Need"
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Friday Q/A: A post-Roe America?In yesterday’s post, I shared my worries for a post-Roe America. What are yours? How are you planning to push back?
And the rise of minoritarian governance and an impending public health crisis.